Restraining Orders

Using this Content Brief

Use the content brief as a formatting template and for a general outline of a series topic. The outline is an example that should give you a sense of direction when writing.

Be as creative as the topic allows. Customize the H2 subheaders to be relevant to the primary keyword and the topic at hand.

Required H2 subheaders and text will be indicated. Otherwise, use creative discretion. You do not need to include EVERY header.

  • If an H2 subheader listed in the outline doesn't make sense in the context of your article, it can be excluded.

  • If additional H2 and H3 subheaders are necessary to fully explain the topic or provide text breaks, add them in at your own discretion.

đź’ˇ Note: While you should use this template as a general framework, you will also need to adjust the H2s to your topic. Some keywords will warrant a more general article (e.g., forgot password, fight rent increases), while others will be super-specific (e.g., forgot spotify password, fight rent increases in california).

Restraining Orders Outline

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