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Rental Car Upgrades

Rental Car Upgrades

Make your next trip extra special by upgrading to a nicer rental car for free.

Did you know that most car rental companies offer promotions where you can upgrade your rental for free? And even if they aren't currently offering a special promotion, many of them are willing to grant upgrades if you simply ask.

How can you solve the problem on your own?

But if you already booked your car rental and forgot to ask for an upgrade, don't worry, it's not too late.

How Can DoNotPay Help?

Here's how DoNotPay can help:

We know you probably don't have time to call the rental company, wait on hold for hours, and negotiate a free rental upgrade. But driving a brand new BMW versus an old Honda Civic can really change your travel experience. Which is why we want to take care of the negotiations for you. Using our years of negotiation experience and a list of free upgrade discounts we've compiled for all of the major rental companies, we'll negotiate on your behalf to score you a free vehicle upgrade.

All you have to do is:

1. Choose which rental company you booked with.

2. Enter your reservation confirmation number.

3. Tell us the details of your reservation, such as the pick-up date, pick-up location, car model, etc.

4. Indicate whether you are a rewards member or special credit card holder.

And that's it! DoNotPay will call the rental company on your behalf, and request for a free upgrade on your reservation. The upgrade will most likely be applied when you actually arrive at the car pick-up site, and if you don't like the new vehicle you've been upgraded to, you can always request to be switched back!