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Parking Tickets UK

Parking Tickets UK

Do you want to dispute a parking ticket? DoNotPay can help.

In 2020, the top 10 UK councils profited $65 million from Penalty Charge Notices (PCN). In addition, it has been estimated that 22,000 tickets are issued by private companies daily. Revenue from parking tickets act as a profitable cash cow for local authorities, but it doesn’t have to affect you.

Whether it’s a parking ticket or speeding ticket, DoNotPay can help you make the best case possible for voiding or otherwise not paying the ticket.

UK Traffic Laws

Road Traffic Act 1988 - Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom, concerning licensing of vehicles, insurance and road regulation

All about Parking Tickets by the UK government:

Parking Tickets in Northern Ireland:

Parking Tickets in

How can you solve the problem on your own?

How Do Tickets Affect One’s License?

Penalty points are added to your license if you break traffic laws in the UK. While different offenses carry different penalties, if you collect enough points over a specific time period, it can result in a driving ban.

The minimum penalty for speeding is £100 and 3 points off of your license.

You'll only get penalty points on your licence for certain types of parking FPN, for example for leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position.

🚨 Accumulating 12 points off your license within 3 years will lead to a driving ban.

Important Terms

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Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) - Fines for minor parking and traffic offenses - issued by councils

*If you do not pay a PCN within 28 days, you’ll get a ‘charge certificate’ and you’ll have 14 days to pay the original fine plus 50% more.

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) - Fines for a relatively minor traffic offense that must be paid to avoid being charged for a criminal offense

*If an FPN is not paid within 28 days, you’ll have to pay 50% more

Parking Charge Notice - Fines for parking offenses issued by private companies

Contact the private company to find out ways to pay/challenge the ticket

How to pay a parking fine:

How to appeal a parking fine:

How Can DoNotPay Help?

DoNotPay can help you fight your parking ticket

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and go to the Ticket Disputes category. Select the Parking Ticket product.

2. Upload a photo of your citation.

3. Provide us with some details on why you believe the citation issued is a mistake.

4. That’s it! You’ll receive an appeal letter that contains the best argument to win your case.