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Help With Bills

Help With Bills

Are your bills becoming overwhelming? Do you think you’re being overcharged when you can’t afford it? You’re not alone. In 2018, 31% of Americans had trouble paying their energy bills, and in 2019, 70% of Americans said they were struggling financially, and with today’s rampant inflation, the situation is even worse. What are all of these struggling Americans to do?

All Kinds of Bills...

You probably have some combination of the following types of bills, if not all of them!

  • Cable

  • Landline Phone

  • Cell Phone

  • Internet

  • Heat/Air Conditioning

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Car Insurance

  • And many more!

How can you solve the problem on your own?

And They Keep Going Up

Many of these bills increase over time, with inflation, mergers, maintenance, and downright greed all playing a role in rate hikes. Even in the best of times, this can be irritating and hard for you to accept, but what about when your life hits a bump? Whether you lose your job, have reduced hours at work, have a car accident requiring expensive repairs, or have a medical emergency, hard times may hit you unexpectedly. In cases like these, you need a way to negotiate your bills down to a level you can afford.

How Can DoNotPay Help?

DoNotPay Can Help

With our Negotiate Bills product, you can contact any service provider to whom you owe bills and send an assertive but respectful letter or place a phone call asking for relief from your bills. Many service providers are willing to work with customers who are facing difficulties, as it’s often a better deal to give the customer a break to get back on track than to lose the customer entirely, and we at DoNotPay know exactly how to appeal to that business sense on your behalf.

It Just Takes Three Easy Steps

  1. Search for Negotiate Bills on DoNotPay’s website.

2. Answer some basic questions about your bills and how you would like us to help.

  1. Authorize us to call or send a letter on your behalf, or send the letter we write for you.

And you’re done! The call or letter contact will be made within the next few days, and you’ll then be on your way to lower bills!