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Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animal

Intro to Do you have a service or emotional support animal and want to take them with you when you travel or into your new home? DoNotPay can help.

Did you know that in 2019, there were nearly 200,000 emotional support animals in the US? Emotional support animals (ESAs) are pets that are prescribed by mental health professionals (and are not service dogs). As of January 10, 2022, there are 222,314 ESAs and service animals combined.

What is an emotional support animal?

đź’ˇ ESAs provide support through companionship and can help ease anxiety, depression, and certain phobias. To be considered an ESA, the pet must be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to a person with a disabling mental illness.

How can you solve the problem on your own?

Are ESAs considered service animals?

No. ESAs are not considered service animals. Therefore, ESA owners do not receive the same accommodations as service dog users. For example, ESAs are not covered under the ADA like service pets are. Public areas are not legally required to allow ESAs, and as of recently, airlines are not required to accommodate them either.

How do I prove that my pet is an ESA or service animal?

The only way to prove that your pet is an ESA is through an official ESA letter signed by a licensed mental health professional. Service animals, however, do not need to be proven. Note: Certificates are not letters.

What rights do I have as an ESA owner?

Under the Fair Housing Act, all ESA owners are allowed to bring their ESAs into their home/rental even if the property is otherwise a “no pets allowed” property. Additionally, while airlines are no longer legally required to accommodate ESAs, several airlines still voluntarily accommodate them if you ask. Service animals must be accommodated everywhere.

How do I get an official ESA letter to certify my pet as an ESA?

If you already have a personal mental health care provider, you can request an appointment and have them provide you with an official ESA letter. Otherwise, the easiest way to get a letter is to book an online appointment with a certified mental health professional and get a signed letter within as early as a few days.

How Can DoNotPay Help?

Through our new Service and Emotional Support Animals product, DoNotPay can help you with all of your ESA-related concerns, including contacting your landlord about your ESA, asking airlines about their accommodation options, and finding the most affordable online ESA-letter service.

Here's how DoNotPay can help:

1. Search "service animal" on DoNotPay.

2. Select the type of issue you need help with, including contacting your landlord about your ESA/service animal, asking your airline about ESA options, or requesting ESA/service accommodations at other venues.

3. Answer a series of questions about your current situation and the details of your ESA/service animal, so we can generate the best results for you.

And that's it! Depending on your issue, DoNotPay will generate a letter to your landlord and mail it on your behalf, contact the airline agency and get back to you with an answer, or send a letter to your mental health professional requesting an ESA letter.